Michelin wiper blades, Razer’s quietest mechanical keyboard, and PUMA clothing lead off Tuesday’s best deals.

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Top Tech Deals

Wi-Fi range extenders can’t work miracles, but if there’s one spot in your house with spotty coverage, they can be a much cheaper solution than buying a new router. So for $20, why not give this one a try? Most complaints about this model seem to stem from its setup process, but if you can get through that, people seem to like it.

RAVPower 40W Charging Hub, $15 with code LATN8U3S

USB charging hubs basically come in two varieties: Ones that plug directly into the wall, and ones that use an extension cord. This model from RAVPower is one of the only ones I’ve seen that can do both.

Anker Ice-Case Lite for iPhone 7, $7 with code KINJAICE

Anker’s new Ice-Case Lite for iPhone 7 combines a flexible shell with a reinforced bumper for superior protection in a thin and light package, and you can get one for $7 with promo code KINJAICE, for two days only. You even get to pick from gunmetal, black, and rose gold.

Anker’s new PowerDrive Speed 2 can charge two devices with Quick Charge 3.0 simultaneously, and it looks really nice to boot. For a limited time, get it for $22, or about $4 less than usual.

2-Pack Google Home, $229

Google Home is the smart speaker that Google devotees have been clamoring for, and if you buy two of them from B&H today for $229, or about $30 off (plus no tax outside of NY and NJ). These smart voice-activated speakers work best when they can hear you all around the house, so once you buy one, you’ll probably end up wanting a second eventually anyway.

Amazon’s own attempt at a metal laptop stand is a little jankier looking than, say, the Rain Design mStand, but it’s far cheaper at $15 ($5 less than usual), and accomplishes the exact same thing.

iClever USB 3.0 CD/DVD-RW Drive, $22 with code CGICDVD5

Most laptops don’t have CD drives anymore, which is mostly fine, except for that one time that inevitably pops up every year or two where you really wish you had one. Now, you can for just $22, no extra power cable required.

The Razer Blade Stealth ultrabook isn’t actually all that great a gaming laptop (unless you buy the Razer Core external GPU, but, come on), but it is a fantastic high-end general purpose laptop, with build quality that rivals Apple, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD, and a 12.5" 4K display.

Amazon’s marked this particular high-end configuration down to an all-time low $1450 today on Amazon, or $150 less than usual. That’s not a cheap computer by any means, but it’s sure to make your friends drool.

Anker PowerPort Speed, $24 with code BEST2055

Our readers recently named Anker PowerPort as their favorite line of USB charging hubs, and the PowerPort Speed 5 is on sale for $24 today with promo code BEST2055. This particular model includes a Quick Charge 3.0 port to juice up compatible Android devices up to 80% faster, and that promo code knocks $8 off the final price at checkout.

2-Outlet Power Strip, $9 with code 9X8XOBOI | 4-Outlet Surge Protector, $14 with code KE6L457P | 6-Outlet Surge Protector, $16 with code KE6L457P

Your next surge protector should have USB ports too, and you can choose from three different sizes today from Bestek. Just be sure to note the promo codes below.

The successor to one of the most popular mice ever made is down to its lowest price on Amazon, while supplies last.

The Logitech MX Master Mouse comes with all the accoutrements you’d expect form a high end mouse—namely a rechargeable battery, adjustable DPI, and a dark field laser that works on glass—and a few that you wouldn’t, like a side thumb wheel for horizontal navigation and gestures, and the ability to connect over Bluetooth to three devices simultaneously.

$60 is the best price we’ve ever seen, but I wouldn’t expect it to last, so click on over to Amazon to lock in your order.

While integrated sound bars are increasingly popular options for home theater audio, if you like to kick it old school with a receiver and satellite speakers, Amazon’s top-selling receiver is down to an all-time low $198 today, or about $100 less than usual.


The Sony STRDH770 includes four HDMI inputs (all of which support 4K at 60FPS), Bluetooth streaming, and 7.2 channels of audio output. That’s a lot of bang for your buck.

This curved sound bar is easily one of the best looking I’ve ever seen, and if you own a newer Samsung TV, you can even connect it wirelessly. Today’s deal on Amazon is the lowest price ever listed, and roughly $80 less than usual, so it’s definitely worth a look if you’re still using your TV’s built-in speaker.

It’s officially spring, which means it’ll soon be time to head to your nearest pool/lake/river/stream/resevoir/ocean, and you can keep your phone safe from the elements with this $3 dry bag.

Lamicall Adjustable Phone Stand, $8 with code UVUCS8E3

Earlier this week, our readers bought thousands of phone stands from Lamicall for $6. That deal is still available with promo code 6VGBXP2D, but now, you can get an adjustable model for $2 more with code UVUCS8E3.

Top Home Deals

20-Pack Pant Hangers, $17 with code G5LGSB5O

This is (I hope) going to be the most boring deal I write about today, but hey, life can be kind of boring, and everyone needs to hang up pants.

Suaoki Mini Air Compressor, $19 with code HFMEHUB5

While it’s certainly not as fast as the coin-operated air compressor at a gas station, this glove box-friendly compressor can save your bacon if you have to change a tire, or just can’t be bothered to find a bunch of quarters. One reviewer describes it as slighlty larger than two decks of playing cards, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding somewhere to hide it.

If you’ve ever eaten at a nice steakhouse, you were probably eating sous-vide meat. Here’s a secret though: It’s really easy to get those kinds of results yourself, and Amazon’s here to help with a $161 deal on the newest Wi-Fi version of Anova’s top-selling immersion circulator, as well as a $116 deal on the older Bluetooth model.

Update: The deal on the Bluetooth model has ended.

Lifehacker has a great explainer on Sous-Vide cooking for you to check out, but the basic idea is that you seal the food in plastic bags, and then cook it in precisely heated water over a longer period of time. It sounds weird and kind of sterile, but the result is meat that’s cooked to the exact right temperature all the way through.

We’ve seen these for less, especially around Black Friday, but these prices are the lowest they’ve dipped on Amazon this year, so go ahead and treat yourself.

If your wiper blades have seen better days, Amazon will sell you two Michelin Stealth replacements today for $20. Just add any two to your cart (shipped and sold by Amazon.com), and the price will automatically be reduced to $20 at checkout. The deal even works if you buy two different sized blades, so you should have no trouble finding a combination that fits your car.

Update: You can get a 4-pack of all large cubes for even less, again in multiple colors.

Packing cubes can make organizing clothes and toiletries for your next trip a little less hellish, and this highly-rated set of four from AmazonBasics is only $10-$11 today, depending on the color. That’s less than half the usual price, and by far an all-time low. I have a set of these, and love them.

Aukey 10W LED Desk Lamp, $35 with code AUKEYT39 | Aukey 8W LED Desk Lamp, $20 with code AUKEYT19

Whether you’re burning the midnight oil, or just want a brighter workspace throughout the day, these Aukey desk lamps would make a great addition to any office.


Both include what I consider to be the most important feature in a desk lamp, the ability to change the light’s color temperature, but the $35 model includes a more unique design than its $20 cousin, in addition to a USB charging port.

The RoboVac 11 from Eufy (a division of Anker) is one of your favorite robotic vacuums, and in my own testing, it’s every bit as good (and far quieter) than my Roomba 770. If it’s been on your radar, today’s deal on Amazon is one of the best we’ve ever seen.

Despite its impressive performance, the RoboVac normally sells for over $100 less than the Roomba 650, and today on Amazon, you can get and extra $33 off its usual price. Vacuuming is the worst chore, so it’s worth every penny to pawn it off to a robot.

Amazon has a surprisingly robust platform for booking handyman and cleaning services, and for a limited time, they’re taking $30 off the service of your choice.


This discount is valid whether you’re booking someone for spring cleaning, repairing an appliance, installing a porch swing, or just about anything in between. Just pick your service, verify that Amazon services your zip code, and you’ll see the discount automatically at checkout.

2-Pack OxyLED Toilet Lights, $14 with code 2OXYTN01

You probably looked at that image up there and laughed. But let me tell you, there’s nothing funny about using the bathroom in the middle of the night and having to turn on an overhead light to see where you’re going. Because as soon as you hit that switch, you know you’re not getting back to sleep for another hour.


OxyLED’s new motion-sensing toilet lights fit on just about any toilet, and can output 12 different colors of light without wreaking havoc on your circadian rhythms. For a limited time, you can score a 2-pack for $14 with code 2OXYTN01. Note that this is a new product, so it doesn’t have many reviews yet, but our readers have purchased thousands up thousands of other motion-sensing LED products from OxyLED, so it’s a brand you can trust.

Before you go out and flush $30 down the drain on a Yeti Rambler, check out this RTIC alternative for just $10 on Amazon today, within a dollar of the best price Amazon’s ever listed. It uses the same vacuum-insulated stainless steel construction, and according to this YouTube video at least, actually keeps ice frozen for longer. No-brainer.


Note: It’s listed as an add-on item, but if you look on the sidebar for other sellers, you can buy it from RTIC directly with free (albeit slower) shipping, without adding any extra items to your cart.

Top Lifestyle Deals

Spring has officially sprung, so it’s as good a time as any to stock up on new workout clothes with today’s one-day PUMA sale on Amazon. Inside, you’ll find shoes, clothing, and accessories for men, women, and kids, all marked down to great low prices. But this is a one-day thing, so don’t dawdle.

The Fitbit Charge 2 is a truly excellent wearable, and it’s back down to $100 right now, the best price we’ve ever seen.

The Charge 2 two took the step, activity, and heart rate tracking of the original, and added a much more detailed display that can show you your texts, incoming calls, and calendar appointments like a real smart watch.

Philips Sonicare Essence+, $30 after $10 coupon

Philips’ entry-level Sonicare Essence electric toothbrush has long been a reader favorite, and now Amazon’s running the best deal we’ve seen on the sequel, the Essence+.


The big improvement here is the brush head: Rather than the screw-on E-series heads (which have a tendency to collect sludge along the seam), the Essence+ uses standard Sonicare snap-on heads. The upshot is that you get a lot more choices: Philips sells seven different options for different budgets and brushing styles.

For a limited time, Amazon’s taking $10 off the brush’s standard $40 price tag. Just be sure to clip the coupon, and note that you won’t see the final price until checkout.

Whether you’re styling your beard, going for a close shave, or washing off makeup, today’s facial grooming Gold Box has you covered.

If you make a habit of shopping at Banana Republic, GAP, Old Navy, or Athleta, you can get $10 off your next purchase with this discounted gift card (it’s branded as a Banana Republic gift card, but it’ll work at any Gap-brand store).


Since it’s just a gift card, your savings will stack with any other deals or promotions the retailers offer as well, which is good, since Gap is taking 40% off their entire site right now with promo code SPRING. The gift card includes fast email delivery, so you’ll be able to take advantage of both deals today.

Top Media Deals

It doesn’t include La La Land Moonlight, but this $12 Blu-ray does feature five Best Picture winners from the 90s and aughts. Apologies in advance, but they don’t make a version without Crash.

iTunes gift card discounts are noticeably less common than they used to be, and while we do see 20% discounts from time to time, a $100 iTunes gift card for $85 is still a solid deal if you pay for apps, movies, Apple Music, or iCloud storage.

Top Gaming Deals

Razer’s BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth V2 is a mechanical gaming keyboard that won’t wake up your neighbors, and it can be yours for an all-time low $80 today.

Beyond those tactile mechanical key switches, you get programmable backlighting (though only in green, this isn’t a Chroma model), 10 key rollover, a USB port, and a headphone jack for easy cable routing. It’s not the flashiest gaming keyboard out there, but it’s more than enough for most gamers, especially at this price.

These Xbox One S bundles aren’t discounted, but they do come with your choice of two extra games (in addition to whatever games are included in the bundle), for a limited time.


After you add a bundle to your cart, you’ll be able to choose one game from a selection of mostly crap (though Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Rainbow Six Siege are decent options), and another game from a selection of newer, more popular titles, including Mass Effect Andromeda.

Don’t need a console? Prime members can still save 20% on physical copies of Mass Effect Andromeda (discount shown at checkout).

Update: Amazon’s also selling a $300 bundle with an Xbox One S, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Andromeda, a $10 Amazon Music Unlimited credit, and a $10 Amazon video credit. Thanks, Shiloh!

Uno, $3

Remember Uno? We used to play it all the time when I was a kid, and Amazon’s selling decks for just $3 as an add-on item right now. I can’t promise you’ll have as much fun as the people in that photo, but it’s a solid addition to any game collection.

Is saving a little over a dollar on a $20 Xbox gift card a big deal? No, not really. But you can buy multiples, it’ll take you about 30 seconds to purchase them and add the codes to your account, and that credit is often the only way to buy DLC or certain downloadable games. So if you have an Xbox One, why not?





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