The humble Raspberry Pi has been inspiring clever hacks for years, but it's never too late to pick one up to play around with yourself, especially at these prices.

We've found three great bundle deals featuring the new Raspberry Pi Model B+, which mercifully includes 4 USB ports. For starters, $37 will get you the computer, a Wi-Fi dongle, and even a basic case. Up your spend to $50, and you'll get a microSD card, a nicer case, an HDMI cable, and a power supply. And if you want to use the Pi to control various real-world items, a $60 bundle adds in a breadboard, cables, LEDs, and other sundries to take your hacking to the next level.

Update: The two larger bundles are sold out at those prices. The $37 bundle is still holding strong though.

If you need some inspiration, Lifehacker has written approximately 17 billion articles on the Pi, including a beginner's guide, instructions to turn it into a retro gaming console, and a ton of other fun project ideas to get you started. [Amazon]

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