DBPOWER Car Washer, $60 with code 75EOP6XT

Cleaning my car has to go up there on my list of least favorite chores, so I normally end up paying a place $20+ to do it for me. Maybe if I had this soap foamer/vacuum/dryer car washer, I would do it myself.

After you connect this car washer to a hose and electrical outlet, you can use the soap foamer to suds up your car, spray it off, and then use the same machine to blow it dry. That means no more water spots.

For your car’s interior, you can use the vacuum function to suck all the hair, french fry crumbs, and dust from the hard-to-reach spots, and then just like that, you have yourself a clean car.

Priced at $60 with code 75EOP6XT, it will pay for itself after a couple of missed car washes.