We’re currently putting together a shorts roundup titled, “All Shorts Should Have Built-in Liners”, so that should tell you how we feel about the category. Get yourself a pair starting at $25 with a preorder.

TrueREVO is already a successful manufacturer of athletic apparel, so there’s not much concern when it comes to the Kickstarter factor here. The creatively named “World’s Best Running Shorts-II” are indeed a sequel to a product they’re already selling.

Merino these are not, but for $25 with the well-designed cellphone pocket, they’re in impulse buy range for those that want to try out shorts with liners.

TrueREVO is even rolling out lined pants here, along with tank tops, and variants of the shorts where the liner is removable. Unfortunately we didn’t get to try the pants or the Anthra collection, but we found the shorts and tank top to be very comfortable.

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