There are seemingly dozens of internet mattress companies these days, but Eight Sleep sets itself apart by piling on smart features, and you can try it out for $125 off with promo code KINJAEIGHT.

Update: Today’s the last day to get this deal, so don’t sleep on it.

The mattress itself is basically what you’ve come to expect from internet mattresses these days: It’s a block built from multiple layers of different types of foam. You’ll probably like it just fine, and if you don’t like it, Eight Sleep offers the industry standard 100 night trial period, so you can return it for any reason.

The real magic though comes from Eight Sleep’s top sheet, which has smart features built in that you’ll actually want to use. It can track your restfulness, heart rate, and other sleep stats independently for each side of the bed, wake you up with a smart alarm when you’re not deep in a REM cycle, and even integrate with other smart home appliances. So you could conceivably change your thermostat temperature automatically when you get into bed, and start brewing coffee whenever you’re about to wake up.

The best feature though, without question, is dual zone temperature control. Yes, the top sheet doubles as a smartphone-connected electric blanket to warm each side of the bed independently, which may not seem appealing right now, but you’ll thank the stars for it come winter.

Eight Sleep is currently offering $100 off the smart mattress, but you can bump that up to $125 with promo code KINJAEIGHT. That brings the queen down to $974, and the king down to $1,124. That’s a little steep compared to, say, Casper. But let me reiterate...dual zone temperature control.