We posted a similar machine on Black Friday for $201, this smaller machine (which is usually priced around $130) is just $105 and a reader-favorite kitchen appliance if you regularly cook rice. You may be thinking that $105 is still a big chunk of change for a rice cooker, but it’s not when you learn about how this machine uses complex fuzzy logic to cook your rice very precisely.

“Fuzzy logic” is a way of describing situations that cannot be described in absolutes: yes or no, true or false, white rice or brown. Fuzzy logic is used in automated technology that must sense and adjust for various factors, like mixing cement (depends on humidity) and changing traffic lights (depends on traffic). In rice cookers, fuzzy logic can take into account the type of grain, its age and hardness and its desired consistency. Frequent rice cooks who work with a variety of grains and have room on the countertop will not be disappointed by the performance of these machines.

This is a model can cook up to 3 cups of rice a time and has extended keep warm features to keep your rice perfect for hours.