Most smartphones don't take too kindly to being dunked in water, dragged through sand, or buried in snow, but if you still want to use it during your outdoor excursions, this waterproof bag is only $7 today when you use promo code CASEOFF2.

The iClever Universal Waterproof Case Bag is waterproof up to 60', and can accomodate phones up to 5.5". Obviously, there are a lot of products out there like this one, but most cost over $10, and few come with both a lanyard and an armband, let alone a built-in compass.

Even if you only use this once or twice a year, it's one of those things you'll be really happy to have for an impromptu trip to the beach or ski resort. And of course, it makes a great gift as well. [iClever Universal Waterproof Case Bag, $7 with code CASEOFF2]

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