Mynt Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist 100ml Humidifier | $10 | Amazon | Use code MYNTGIFT
Essential Oils Set of 8 | $14 | Amazon | Use code RUPPT5FC

I was in the camp of people that felt like aromatherapy diffusers were glorified Glade plug-ins. And they are to some extent, but the fact you can use natural essential oils to create the scent, rather than whatever Glade uses, is a real game changer. The peppermint and eucalyptus scents can help with migraines and sinus headaches, as well help humidify the air during drier weather.

This Mynt diffuser is just $10 (with code MYNTGIFT), has a mid-sized 100ml tank and doubles as an LED light with 7 colors options. If you buy two, you’ll save a little more. Simply add both to your cart and enter promo code MYNT3173. Throw in this 8-pack of essential oils at $14 with code RUPPT5FC, and you’re all set. Plus, these make great gifts.