RAVPower 27,000mAh 100W AC Battery Pack | $96 | Amazon | Promo code KJAPB055 
RAVPower 20,100mAh 65W AC Battery Pack | $67 | Amazon | Promo code KJAPB054

Last year was a coming out party for battery packs with built-in AC outlets, and now, they’re finally starting to get more affordable.

Obviously, these are larger and more expensive than USB-only battery packs with, but these can power laptops, fans, lamps, and other stuff via via built-in AC outlets (100W on the larger model, 65W on the smaller). That’s an amazing convenience for long trips, conferences, or anywhere else that power is at a premium. And of course, you also get USB ports as well, in both standard and USB-C flavors.

At $96 for 27,000mAh, or $67 for 20,100mAh, you’ll certainly be paying a premium for that power outlet, but if you’ve been waiting for a product like this for years, it’ll be money well spent.