Update: I screwed up, sorry, you can’t pair separate remote sensors with this model like I thought. It’s still a great thermostat, especially for a smaller home, but don’t buy it expecting to add remote sensors after the fact.

While it doesn’t have the brand recognition of Nest’s learning Thermostat, the Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat one-ups its most popular competitor by pairing with wireless remote sensors that you can place elsewhere in your house, giving the thermostat a more accurate picture of your home’s overall temperature. Plus, it’ll work with Siri via HomeKit, and your Amazon Echo too.


Just note that this is the “Lite” version of the Ecobee3, which doesn’t detect occupancy, can’t control accessories like dehumidifiers, and doesn’t include a room sensor like the Ecobee3. You can still pair it with two room sensors for $79 though, and the combined price is sill a solid $30 less than the Ecobee3, which only comes with one remote sensor.