A clever snack bowl, a charging case for your Bluetooth headphones, and Just Cause 3 lead off Friday’s best deals from around the web.

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Top Tech Deals

The advent of inexpensive Bluetooth headphones has been a net positive, but there’s no getting around it: They’re a pain in the ass to charge.


Luckily, Mpow’s new headphone carrying case includes a built-in 800mAh battery and microUSB cable, so you can recharge your earbuds while simultaneously keeping them from getting lost or tangled in your bag. Yeah, you’ll still need to recharge the case, but this definitely makes Bluetooth earbuds a simpler option while traveling.

Sony’s MDR line of Bluetooth headphones sold like gangbusters during Deals Week, but if you were holding out for noise cancelling models, Amazon’s rewarding your patience today with a $50 discount on the top-of the line MDR100x.


These headphones have all the features you’d expect in a good pair of Bluetooth headphones these days: NFC pairing, 20+ hour battery life, and even LDAC Hi-Res audio compatibility. But the secret sauce here is noise cancellation, including a special mode that lets ambient voices through either at all times, or just when you cup a hand over the right earcup. $348's still a pretty penny, but it’s the largest discount Amazon’s ever listed on this model in its 6+ months of existence.

$19 is a very good price for any 20,000mAh USB battery pack. But when you consider that this one includes Quick Charge 2.0 for your Android devices, it’s a no-brainer. You should be able to get 4-5 phone charges out of this thing, making it perfect for sharing during a long flight or camping trip.

Say your wireless router can’t push a strong signal to every corner of your house, or maybe you own some kind of old set top box that needs an ethernet connection, but doesn’t live near the router. A simple powerline adapter is one of your best options for extending a home network, and you can get a great set (with two receivers instead of the usual one) for just $50 today, about $16 less than usual.

Velocifire Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard, $28 with code HYVFPVEN | Full-Width, $38 with code SNTX546Z

You’ve probably heard a lot of fuss about mechanical keyboards lately, and if not, you’ve at least heard the clicking. If you’re curious to try one yourself without dropping a bunch of money, you can get a tenkeyless Velocifire model for $28, or a full-width keyboard for $10 more today.

The keys don’t use name brand Cherry MX switches, but the switches it does include should closely mimic Cherry MX Brows, which are easy to press and quieter than most other switches, making them popular for office use.

Lamicall Adjustable Phone Stand, $8 with code UVUCS8E3

Earlier this week, our readers bought thousands of phone stands from Lamicall for $6. That deal is still available with promo code 6VGBXP2D, but now, you can get an adjustable model for $2 more with code UVUCS8E3.

If you can’t abide slow internet or modem rental fees, this is the bundle for you. While supplies last, Amazon will sell you a powerful NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 router, plus a blazing-fast 32x8 cable modem (which is capable of download speeds over one gigabit per second) for $250.

For comparison’s sake, the router alone is currently listed for $257, and the modem goes for $100, so you’re basically getting the modem for free. That’s quite a deal when you consider that modems usually pay for themselves anyway.

Anker 3-in-1 Smartphone Lens Kit, $10 with code E3DWNLGE

Phone cameras will never have true interchangeable lenses, but you can still take fisheye, wide angle, and macro photos with this 3-in-1 clip-on lens kit from Anker. Be sure to check out the sample photos uploaded by customers to get an idea of what this kit is capable of.

Vansky White Bias Light, $10 with code CCT8XE05 | Vansky RGB Bias Light, $12 with code CCT8XE05

Bias lights can make just about any TV look better, and you can get a set for just a few bucks today on Amazon.

If you aren’t familiar, Vansky’s LED bias light strips plug directly into your TV’s USB port for power, and stick to the back of the set via built-in adhesive. Once you turn your TV on, the light strip will cast a soft glow on the wall behind it, which can reduce eyestrain when watching in the dark, and improve your TV’s perceived black levels.

We’ve posted deals on these several times now, but today’s $12 (RGB) and $12 (white) price points are some of the best we’ve ever seen. Just be sure to use code CCT8XE05 at checkout to get the deal.

Nonda Car Charger, $13 with code KINJAD20

Nonda’s original Zus smart car charger was a one-of-a-kind device with two very poorly-placed USB ports, but the newly redesigned Quick Charge 2.0 model fixes that fatal flaw for just $13 with code KINJAD20.

That’s a pretty great price for any Quick Charge car charger, but Nonda’s has some features you won’t find anywhere else. Most notably, your phone connects to the charger over Bluetooth, and every time the connection drops (meaning your car has turned off), a free app will make a note of your location so you can find your parking spot later.


In addition, you can track your mileage for tax and expensing purposes (free for 60 drives per month, $3/month or $30/year for unlimited), and even monitor the health of your car battery if you sign up for a $1 per month premium subscription. Even if you don’t use those features though, this is well worth the $13 for the parking location feature alone.

The past year or so has seen a deluge of Wi-Fi router innovation, and Portal seems to be one of the best newcomers in the space, particularly for smaller dwellings in congested, urban environments.


Portal includes app-based configuration, nine internal antennas, 802.11ac...table stakes these days for a good router. But while almost all home Wi-Fi routers limit you to public channels over 5GHz, Portal also opens up four so-called DFS channels that are typically reserved for military use and commercial radar.

The law allows home routers to use these DFS channels, but they must shift off of them for a set amount of time whenever they detect active radar to avoid interference. Portal does just this, and moves all of your devices off of the busy channel in the background automatically, and shifts them back on when it’s safe. That means that most of the time, these channels are practically empty, so you won’t have to worry about interference from your neighbors’ Wi-Fi networks operating on public channels. This Digital Trends review has a much thorough explanation of the technology, if you’re curious.

This router retails for $200, and has sold for around $175 on Amazon since it launched late last year, but for a limited time, you can try it out for $149. Mine will be here Friday.

Anker PowerTouch 5, $10 with code POST2516 | Anker PowerTouch 10, $18 with code PEDM2512

If your phone supports Qi wireless charging, it’s a great day to buy some new pads to scatter around your home and office, as Anker’s 5W and 10W PowerTouch pads are both on sale.


Other than the maximum charging speed and a few very minor design differences, these are functionally identical. The headlining feature is an LED light ring on the bottom (which you can turn off, thankfully) which pulses to indicate whether your device is charging. Just note that not all phones can accept 10W wireless charging, and that these don’t include power adapters, so you’ll need to plug them into a USB charging port somewhere.

16GB Fire Tablet Essentials Bundle, $60 with code FIREBUNDLE

Amazon’s Fire Tablet doesn’t exactly feature bleeding edge technology, but hey, it’s a perfectly good portable TV screen and web browser for like $50. Today, you can get the upgraded 16GB version (which retails for $70), a case, and a screen protector all for $60 with promo code FIREBUNDLE. Yes, that’s $10 less than you’d normally spend on the tablet by itself.

Aukey Slim Profile USB Car Charger, $7 with code AUKEYCAR

Your favorite USB car charger just happens to be the smallest one you can buy, and you can grab it on Amazon for $7 today with code AUKEYCAR. We’ve seen it go as low as $6 on a few occasions, but this is the best deal we’ve seen in a long time, if it’s been on your wish list.

Anker’s SoundBuds are our readers’ favorite affordable Bluetooth headphones, and the newest version just dropped to an all-time low price.

The SoundBuds Slim are, as you might have gleaned from the name, far smaller than the originals. Heck, they look like a small set of wired earbuds; you might never guess there were batteries and Bluetooth radios in there. Despite the size, these buds are still rated for seven hours of battery life, and recharge fully in just 90 minutes.


There was a $6 launch day discount on these a few weeks ago that dropped them to $24, but if you missed out on that sale, they’re slashed to $22 today, no code required.

Top Home Deals

4-Pack Pet Seat Belts, $7 with code N4OQGQAC

If you want to keep your furry friends in the backseat where they belongs on your next road trip, these dog seat belts clip into most standard seat belt buckles on one end, and a dog harness on the other.


A few things here: First, these aren’t designed to keep your dog safe in an accident, if that wasn’t obvious. They’re meant to keep her from jumping into the front seat to tell you she loves you while you’re merging onto the highway. Second, use a dog harness instead of a collar, just in case you get into a fender bender or have to come to a hard stop. Third, use promo code N4OQGQAC to get a 4-pack for $7.

Smoke and CO alarms can keep you safe while you’re at home, but they’re totally useless if something goes haywire while you’re away. Leeo fixes that by alerting you on your phone whenever they go off, and you can get yours for just $30 today, or about $20 less than usual.


To be clear, Leeo isn’t a smoke or CO alarm on its own; it’s basically an internet-connected microphone that listens for your existing alarms. It can also alert emergency services and/or neighbors if you’re away from your phone, and it even operates as a full RGB night light that you can control from your phone or via IFTTT. That’s a ton of features for the price.

Before you go out and flush $30 down the drain on a Yeti Rambler, check out this RTIC alternative for just $10 on Amazon today, within a dollar of the best price Amazon’s ever listed. It uses the same vacuum-insulated stainless steel construction, and according to this YouTube video at least, actually keeps ice frozen for longer. No-brainer.


Note: It’s listed as an add-on item, but if you look on the sidebar for other sellers, you can buy it from RTIC directly with free (albeit slower) shipping, without adding any extra items to your cart.

BAGSMART Tech Travel Bag, $15 with code 4CC2JVOC

If the gadgets and cables in your bag seem to slither into a Medusa-like tangle every time you travel, this tech-focused bag from BAGSMART might just keep them under control.


It has dedicated pockets to hold an iPad Mini or a Kindle, five charging cables, SD cards, flash drives, a smartphone or external hard drive, headphones, a battery pack, and more, and it’s still small enough to slip into a backpack or messenger bag. Just be sure to use promo code 4CC2JVOC at checkout to get it for $15.

Update: I screwed up, sorry, you can’t pair separate remote sensors with this model like I thought. It’s still a great thermostat, especially for a smaller home, but don’t buy it expecting to add remote sensors after the fact.


While it doesn’t have the brand recognition of Nest’s learning Thermostat, the Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat one-ups its most popular competitor by pairing with wireless remote sensors that you can place elsewhere in your house, giving the thermostat a more accurate picture of your home’s overall temperature. Plus, it’ll work with Siri via HomeKit, and your Amazon Echo too.

Just note that this is the “Lite” version of the Ecobee3, which doesn’t detect occupancy, can’t control accessories like dehumidifiers, and doesn’t include a room sensor like the Ecobee3. You can still pair it with two room sensors for $79 though, and the combined price is sill a solid $30 less than the Ecobee3, which only comes with one remote sensor.

Here’s a stupid little thing that’ll make your life just a little bit easier. Joseph Joseph’s Double Dish is a clever little invention for eating edamame, olives, pistachios, or any other finger foods that leave behind scraps, and it’s just $13 on Amazon right now.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, you just fill the top bowl with the food of your choice, and drop the remains through one of three chutes into the bottom bowl. At the end of the day, it’s still two dishes to clean up, but it takes up less space on your table, it looks cool, and most importantly, you don’t have to stare at those disgusting olive pits during your meal. Today’s price is within about a dollar of an all-time low, so get cracking.

Cooking eggs isn’t exactly rocket science, but I’d say the ability to make soft, medium, and hard boiled eggs, plus omlettes and poached eggs at the touch of a button is worth $16. The Dash Go is Amazon’s top-selling egg cooker, and carries a truly stellar 4.6 star review average from nearly 3,000 customers, so get it while it’s on sale.

If you feel confident in your dog styling abilities, this cordless clipper set costs less than a single trip to the groomer. If you’re feeling really ambitious, this would pair well with a DIY washing station as well.

OxyLED OxyMas Stage Light, $8 with code 1OXYST01

I wouldn’t normally post a rotating RGB stage light like this, but hell, it’s $8 and it includes a microphone so it can spin at the same speed as your music. Loan it to one friend for a wedding, and that’s money well spent.

We’re quite familiar with LED flashlight deals, and this is one of the cheapest we’ve seen that includes the ability to recharge over USB. And since the battery is just a removable 18650 (included, which is rare), you can also swap in spares if you’re off the grid.

Not only is this bottle of Chevon Techron fuel system cleaner within $1 of an all-time low on Amazon, this mail-in rebate lets you get a second bottle for free. Just buy two bottles in the same transaction, and fill out the rebate form on this page.

Everyone should own a slow cooker, and more specifically, everyone should own a programmable slow cooker. If you’re going to be at work for nine hours, but your recipe only calls for six hours of cooking, these will automatically switch to warm mode at the time of your choosing, so you can walk in the door and enjoy a delicious dinner.


This 6-quart model from Crock-Pot is Amazon’s top seller, and $34 is a match for an all-time low.

These incredibly affordable solar-powered LED lights do the impossible: They actually look really nice. The glass is cracked in a Pinterest-pleasing kind of way, the bulbs are recessed inside artificial candles, and they even flicker like real flames. At $10 for two, and with basically zero maintenance to worry about, why not class up your front yard?

Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale, $13 with code 3QIMUZSL

You need a kitchen scale, and while we’ve seen dozens of deals on cheap kitchen scales over the years, but I think this is one of the best looking ones yet. The entire top surface is a flat pane of glass, including the LCD display, making cleanup a breeze.

Not only is the new WeMo Mini Smart Plug smaller than the top-selling original so as to only cover one outlet, it’s also cheaper. You’ll almost always see it available for $35, but today on Amazon, it’s knocked down to $30.


Despite its diminutive size, this includes all the same features as the full-sized WeMo Switch, including IFTTT support, Alexa compatibility, and an Away mode that will randomize your lights to deter ne’er-do-wells.

No matter how you prefer to prop up your phone in the car, Anker makes a mount for it, and four different models are on sale today. I’m most intrigued by this $9 dashboard model, which combines the ease and minimalism of a magnetic mount without blocking a vent.

Top Lifestyle Deals

Dry shampoo has become a necessity these days (when used sparingly). Grab a 3-pack of Batiste, your favorite dry shampoo, for only $16 when clip the $1 off coupon and sign up for Subscribe & Save (you can always cancel) and make sure you never have greasy roots again.

While the East Coast is still sort of recovering from the snow fall (with more to come this weekend, of course), Marmot is thinking about getting you outside and get you geared up for less. Take 60% off outerwear, bottoms, layering pieces, and more, for everyone in the family. It’s like Christmas for the outdoorsy people in your life.

Winter had one last hurrah this week, but warm weather is just around the corner, and you can enjoy it to the fullest with this pop-up sun shade.


This canopy is only 50" long when collapsed, but it pops up in seconds, and provides you with 8' x 8' of shaded space. Plus, its included sand bags and stakes make it perfect for the beach. Today’s price is the best Amazon’s offered since 2015, so even if you don’t have an outdoor excursion on the immediate horizon, this might be worth picking up.

Right now, Nordstrom Rack is having a pretty extensive Adidas sale, with discounts on shoes for men and women, bags, and tons of socks, plus men’s activewear, and kids’ sizes. With prices this low, these will go fast, even before the sale itself ends in three days.

It’s not quite Clear the Rack, but it is an extra 25% off select discounted items from Nordstrom Rack (prices reflect discount). This one is a sale full of winter staples, like outerwear, boots, and cold weather accessories, plus some other random pieces thrown in as well. End of the season means discounts, just in time for you pack them away for next winter.

Double the flowers for free, plus 15% off the entire site with codes DOUBLEBLOOM and CHEERFUL

Update 2: Here’s the full list of eligible bouquets. Sorry about all the confusion. If the promo is showing up in your checkout, but isn’t working, try and reenter it.


Update: We’re working on figuring out why the code has stopped working. In the meantime, CHEERFUL still works for 15% off.

The Bouqs is probably the best place to use when sending flowers right now. The bouquets are unique and the blooms are harvested from the side of a freakin’ volcano. And right now, you’ll be able to get double the flowers for free, plus 15% off the entire site. Just choose the Deluxe size of any non-seasonal bouquet, use the codes DOUBLEBLOOM and CHEERFUL at check out and get it for the price of the Original size, plus 15% off.

FYI: Looks like the DOUBLEBLOOM only works on non-seasonal bouquets, so go for the ones listed under Popular.

Extra 30% off clearance items with the code EXTRA30

Another day, another J.Crew Factory markdown. This time, get an extra 30% off all clearance styles with the code EXTRA30. J.Crew Factory is basically always on sale, but it works even better when they have extra discounts, so if you haven’t stocked up on workwear staples and outwear galore, maybe this one will change your mind.

$5 Off Sonicare Brush Heads. Discount shown at checkout.

Our readers have purchased a ton of Sonicare toothbrushes over the years, so today, it’s time to stock up on replacement brush heads. Pretty much every style Sonicare makes is $5 off, just remember that you won’t see the final price until checkout.

Top Media Deals

Legend of Korra was one of the best shows on TV during its time, let alone one of the best anime series, and you can own all four seasons on Blu-ray for just $30, courtesy of Amazon.

If you have any Disney princess fans in your life, today’s a great day to stock up on birthday and holiday gifts: Amazon’s offering big discounts on Disney-branded apparel and accessories, spanning the timeline from Cinderella to Moana. This is a Gold Box deal though, so make your selections before the clock strikes midnight.

Superbad was one of the great movies of the aughts, and hilariously helped launch the careers of an Academy Award winner in Emma Stone, and an Academy Award nominee in Jonah Hill. You won’t need a fake ID to get the unrated extended edition for just $7 on Amazon today.

Top Gaming Deals

Just Cause 3, $20 - PS4 | Xbox One

Just Cause 3 isn’t without its flaws, but if the idea of a massive open world where you can fly jets, skydive in a wing suit, and blow up basically anything appeals to you, it’s definitely worth $20. Amazon has it on sale for PS4, but Xbox One owners will need to go to Toys R Us.

$40 is about as cheap as Xbox One controllers ever get, but today, that gets you a controller and a copy of Metal Gear Solid V. That’s not even, like, a terrible game that they’d be trying to get rid of. It’s pretty good!

Sphero’s remote-controlled BB-8 droid was one of the coolest toys ever made when it first came out, and it’s still improving to this day! Today on eBay, you can buy your own for 94 portions dollars, the best price we’ve seen.

The Xbox One Chatpad makes it easy to enter passwords and type out sick Rocket League owns on the fly, and it’s never been cheaper on Amazon than it is right now. It even includes a headset!

The shockingly dark Batman Arkham Knight is one of the few video games based on a superhero that’s worth playing, and you can download a copy to your PS4 for $10, or the premium edition with the DLC season pass for $18.

Aukey Mini Drone with Remote, $23 with code AUKEYUAV | Aukey Mini Drone With Wi-Fi, $23 with code AUKEYUAV

Before you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a DJI Phantom, you can learn the basics of flying a quadcopter with these $23 toy drones from Aukey. Trust me, if you can fly one of these things, you can fly a GPS-equipped, gyro-stabilized camera rig. And if not, well, it’s not like crashing it will be that big a deal.


Both of the drones below are identical, but one comes with a remote, and the other relies on a Wi-Fi connection with your phone for control.

Hey, listen. If you have a Wii U or Switch, and for some reason haven’t bought Breath of the Wild yet, this is your last day to save 20% on the game by ordering with Amazon Prime. Hell, even if you’re waiting for the Switch to come back into stock, it might be worth buying the game early, since popular first party Nintendo games rarely get discounts until they get a Nintendo Selects release.

Just remember that this benefit is only valid on the physical copy of the game, and you won’t see the discount until checkout.




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