TP-Link networking gear, Lucky brand apparel, and a snack sample box lead off Tuesday’s best deals.

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Top Deals

Whether you’re upgrading to 802.11ac, trying to extend your wireless network, or just want to control your lamps with an Amazon Echo, today’s Amazon Gold Box is overflowing with TP-Link networking gear.


The most exciting deal in here is probably TP-Link’s Smart Plug for $20, an all-time low. Our readers have already bought a ton of these, and they allow you to control a power outlet from a smartphone app, or via Amazon Echo commands.

You’ll also find several popular routers, ethernet switches, range extenders, powerline kits, and more, all marked down to great low prices. Just note that like all Gold Box deals, these prices are only available today, or until sold out.

Today only, Amazon’s running a huge sale on Lucky brand apparel, with great deals available for both men and women.


Of course, jeans are well represented here, but there are also plenty of shirts, shorts, and jewelry on offer as well. Just note that like all Gold Box deals, these prices are only available today, or until sold out.

Squatty Potty 9", $19. Discount shown at checkout.

Did you know you’ve been pooping all wrong? It’s true! Luckily, the obscenely popular Squatty Potty is designed to lift your legs into an ideal bowel movement position, and you can get a 7" or 9" model for just $19 on Amazon today. These things never go on sale, so if you’ve had your eye on one, it’s officially time to poop or get off the pot.

Note: These are listed for over $25 on the product page, but they’ll drop to $19 automatically at checkout. You must purchase from Squatty Potty’s Amazon listing, not Amazon’s first party one.

The parade of ridiculous Xbox One deals continue today with a 1TB holiday bundle (which includes three games), plus Fallout 4, The Division, and Doom, all for the standard $399 price of the console alone. Even if you don’t care for all of those bonus games, they’d be easy enough to sell.

They won’t track your steps or make Dick Tracy-style phone calls, but these men’s fashion watches from Fossil, Nautica, and more look way nicer than any smart wearable, and over two dozen of them are available for $20-$100, today only.

By now, you should know that Anker PowerLine Lightning cables are incredibly popular, but did you know there’s another tier of cables above them? Anker’s PowerLine+ line increases the bend lifespan from 5,000 to 6,000, adds a nylon braided exterior, and includes an innovative carrying case that keeps your unused cord length from tangling. Want to see one for yourself? The 6' model is available in red for $14 today, or a couple bucks less than usual.

If you use a desktop computer, a good UPS battery backup will keep it running without any interruption in the event of a power outage, which means you won’t lose any unsaved work. But even if you’re a laptop user, this could still run lamps, your router and modem, or any other low-draw devices until the power comes back on. This particular model even includes some USB ports for charging your mobile devices.

American Gods is one of the most popular novels from the prolific Neil Gaiman, and the source material for an upcoming TV show. If it’s been on your to-read list, you can grab a Kindle copy today for just $3.

Diatomaceous earth is one of the most effective weapons we have against bugs, and Amazon will sell you a 10 pound bag of the stuff for $16, today only. Despite the unspeakable things it does to bugs in your yard, it’s actually food grade, and completely non-toxic for humans and pets. Just note that this is a Gold Box deal, meaning the price is only available today, or until sold out.

With five adjustable height levels, an accessory hose, and (hallelujah) a 27' retractable power cord, this Hoover bagless vacuum is all you need. Today only, Amazon will sell you one for just $65, matching an all-time low.

Update: Back in stock!

It might not be mission-critical equipment for your home, but a good label maker is a nice gadget to keep around, and Amazon’s top seller is back in stock for just $10 today, matching an all-time low.

If you remember the old label makers that literally pressed the letters into a piece of tape, this is a bit more advanced than what you’re picturing. The Dymo LabelManager 160 can print in eight fonts at six sizes, along with clipart and special characters, and you can even preview the entire label on its LCD screen before you print. Every time we post this deal, it sells out quickly, so you’ll want to grab yours fast.

It’s officially hammock season, and you can join in the fun for just $55 today. That gets you a double hammock, a carrying case, and yes, even a steel stand so you don’t have to find two conveniently-placed trees.

Nekteck Jump Starter, $50 with code DU8TUNFS

We’ve posted several deals on USB power banks that can also jump start a dead car battery, but this model from Nekteck puts out 600 amps, compared to 400-450 on most other models. For your standard dead car battery, 400 is probably enough, but if it’s really dead, or hasn’t been started in a long time, the extra oomph could make a big difference.

Snack Bar Sample Box, $5 + $5 Snack Bar Credit

Update: Here are similar deals on an energy drink, soap, and snack sample boxes.

Amazon’s back at it again with another irresistible sample box deal. This time around, $5 gets you five or more assorted snack bars, plus a $5 credit to spend on your next snack bar purchase from Amazon. These tend to sell out within hours after we post them, so I wouldn’t chew on it for too long.

You’ve heard of Automatic’s smart driving assistant, but if $80-$100 is too rich for your blood, this cheap OBD2 dongle connects to any iPhone or Android device over Wi-Fi, and can fulfill many of the same functions using various third party apps.

Want to build a home theater PC without a ton of research? Newegg is bundling a compact Intel barebones system, 8GB of RAM, and a 120GB SSD for just $134 today. You’ll need to install an operating system and plug in a keyboard and mouse (we recommend this wireless combo if you’re using it in your living room), but otherwise, you should be set to go.

KMASHI Bluetooth Selfie Stick, $6 with code TRD5FZWU

$6 is about as cheap as Bluetooth selfie sticks ever get, just please, don’t put anyone’s eye out.

While it doesn’t have the brand recognition of Nest’s learning Thermostat, the Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat one-ups its most popular competitor by including a wireless remote sensor that you can place elsewhere in your house, giving the thermostat a more accurate picture of your home’s overall temperature. Plus, it’ll work with Siri via HomeKit, and your Amazon Echo too.

Purell Dispenser, $10 after 5% coupon

You know those Purell dispensers you see in office buildings? Now you can have one in your own home for just $10, complete with a full tank of the good stuff. It might seem a little silly, but this would be fantastic for germ-soaked child hands, and I could see installing one of these in a garage or shed where your hands are likely to get dirty.

Note: Clip the 5% off coupon.

Buy a DEWALT lawn care tool, Get an extra battery FREE

‘Tis the season for lawn care deals, it would seem. Today on Amazon, if you buy one of three select DEWALT cordless tools, you’ll get an extra battery for free. The battery alone costs $99, so if you have a big yard to manage, this could be a really valuable deal.

Ninja makes your favorite affordable blenders, and the supersized Ninja Mega kitchen system is marked down to $150 right now, matching an all-time low. In addition to a 2 horsepower, 1500W motor, you get an 8-cup food processor bowl, a 72 ounce blender jar, and two single-serve cups for making a smoothie on the go.

Vantrue R2 Dash Cam, $100 with code VPRDPCSJ

Vantrue’s R2 dash cam was The Wirecutter’s runner-up pick, and you can save a whopping $55 on yours today with promo code VPRDPCSJ, bringing the price down to $100.

Note: Make sure you buy the listing sold by Vantrue, and fulfilled by Amazon.

The R2 can shoot at resolutions exceeding standard 1080p (2560x1080 or 2304x1296), and its 170 degree field of view means you’ll never miss a license plate, crash, or meteorite. This deal is easily the best we’ve seen on this model, but we don’t expect it to last long.

Most gaming mice look like futuristic EMP grenades or robotic pets, but Razer’s DeathAdder became one of your favorite gaming mice by keeping things clean and simple. If you want to try it out, Amazon’s marked the color-changing Chroma model down to $50 today, or about $10 less than usual.

The new Roku streaming stick is all you need, and Amazon just knocked $10 off its base price, the first discount we’ve ever seen. Even if you already have the old model, it might be worth $40 just for the ability to stream audio to your mobile device, enabling pseudo-wireless headphones so you can watch TV in bed without waking your significant other.

In case you missed out last week, you can once again snag an extra year of PlayStation Plus for $40. I know it seems like we’re seeing this deal every week right now, but these gift card deals tend to be feast or famine; it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the deal disappeared for three months.

Nikon’s D3300 is one of the easiest entry level DSLRs to get started with if you want to learn the basics of photography, and BuyDig will sell you a refurb complete with two lenses, a bag, a Wi-Fi adapter, and more for just $399 with promo code DXPRO100.


For comparison’s sake, Amazon’s currently selling this for $447 new (without any extras), and it carries a 4.8 star review average from over 750 customers.

Curved monitors might be a gimmick, but I have to admit, they sure do look cool. This 27" 1080p Samsung is marked down to $170 on Newegg’s eBay store right now, which is $30 less than Amazon (where it has great reviews).

If you frequently fuel up at a Chevron or Texaco, this discounted gift card is essentially $8 in free gas.

Did you know Amazon made towels? They’ll sell you a full set of six for just $15 today, in a variety of colors.

ADATA’s Premiere line of SSDs isn’t nearly as fast or as well-known as Samsung’s 850 series, but it still got a solid review from Anandtech, and this 480 GB model is down to an absurdly low $94 on Newegg’s eBay storefront, complete with a three year warranty.


A few months ago, I bought the this exact drive in order to build a my own DIY external SSD to store photos, and it’s worked incredibly well so far. Seeing this price though, I wish I’d waited.

Need a new pair of running shoes? Amazon will sell you a pair of Asics 33-FA shoes for men and women for just $50 right now, the lowest price on the web. There are two men’s and one women’s style available, but the women’s shoe is available in two different colors.

Logitech’s new G610 Orion mechanical gaming keyboard is already racking up great user reviews, and Amazon’s taking $20 off both the brown and red switch model today, the first discount they’ve ever posted.


While most mechanical gaming keyboards look like props from a Transformers movie, this would look right at home in an office, if you want to use it to get work done as well.

Can’t remember what brown and red switches are? Lifehacker has a great explainer.





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