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Shane Roberts, Senior Commerce Editor

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Playstation Network: Shane | Steam: ShaneOSX

Shane Roberts is Gawker Media's Senior Commerce Editor. Consumerist, passionate about gaming culture, media binger, root beer float connoisseur. Previously: playwright, professional photographer, music teacher. Lives in Brooklyn, NY. Also has the best dog ever.

Shep McAllister, Commerce Editor at Lifehacker

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Shep McAllister is Lifehacker's Commerce Editor, and former Weekend Editor. He's an avid sports fan, a wannabe photographer, and an hour-long TV drama celebrator. In a previous life, he created online content for the San Antonio Spurs, and he now resides in College Station, TX. He takes issue with Shane's claim to have the best dog ever.

Corey Foster, Commerce Researcher

Twitter | Email: Corey@Gawker

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