Brother is our readers’ favorite printer brand and it’s easy to see why: they basically never jam, the toner is relatively cheap, and it prints fast (up to 32 pages per minute). The one trade off is that they don’t print in color, which when I think back to the last couple of things I’ve printed, it’s been a bunch of boring forms, so I don’t think it would be too hard of a pill to swallow.

Plus, this refurbished EHLL2360DW includes the ability to print from your mobile device. At $54, it’s at the cheapest price we’ve seen for this model and might sell out, so what are you waiting for?

Don’t want a refurb? The slightly slower, but largely very similar HL2340DW is also down to $80 right now, one of the best prices Amazon’s ever listed.

If you really need to be able to print in color, the 3170CDW is also on sale for $160, its lowest price of the year.